What is EBA Crypto.

As digital continues to evolve and proliferate within the financial services sector, it’s important to follow the correct procedures.

Emerging from European Business Advisory, our EBA Crypto business unit is designed to deliver legal, compliance and strategy advice on blockchain projects.

Our mission is to guide you through the modern regulations of blockchain and to help you smoothly establish business via cryptocurrency or by launching ICOs in compliance with the applicable law.

How we can help.

To avoid any implications with your blockchain projects, you need to prove that you/and your company boast an impeccable reputation and carry out the right procedures through a real incorporated company. You also need to ensure the documentation is compiled properly and the necessary rules and agreements have been duly respected.

By utilising our specialist business unit, you’ll have complete access to our extensive portfolio of services and the support to help you fulfil these requirements.

We can monitor any changes in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, ICOs and mining legislation. Plus, offer valuable advice on which countries are safest to use cryptocurrency in and consultancy services to help you find new, reliable and creative solutions.

Our highly-skilled business unit can safely manage and monitor all the rules, regulations and paperwork to ensure you’re always compliant. In turn, this will grant you more valuable time to focus on running your business successfully. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Selection of the jurisdiction of the issuing company
Preparation of compliance measures for the issuing company
Drafting of documents for the AML/KYC procedures
Minimising the regulatory burdens for digital financial services
Marketing and PR in the crypto industry
Answering investors’ questions in writing
Opening of accounts in banks and payment systems and Acting as an escrow agent
Recruiting of technical specialists
Elaboration of optimal legal concept of the token
Drafting of documents for the ICO
Preparation of agreements with investors and user agreements
Dealing with the competent Regulatory Authority and self-regulatory organisations
Development of a set of measures to minimise the risks of personal responsibility of the members of the Board of the issuing company and the initiators of the project
Participation in the resolution of ICO-related disputes
Drafting of technical tasks

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